• What Happened in the Garden

    What Happened in the Garden
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    What Happened in the Garden

    The Reality and Ramifications of the Creation and Fall of Man

    Author: Abner Chou
    Evangelicals are no strangers to the creation versus evolution debate. Now the argument has spread beyond the contents of the creation account and into Genesis 2-3, with speculation about the historicity of Adam, and the fall. But does it matter which position one holds? Is anything really at stake?

    The faculty of The Master's College come together to contend that the second and third chapters of Genesis are indeed historical, that there are excellent reasons for believing so, and that it is an essential issue within Christian thought and life. The contents of these chapters establish the history of how everything in the world came to be what it is today. This Scripture passage—Genesis 3 especially—explains what we observe in the legal system, literature, gender roles, education, psychology, and science. Far from irrelevant, the theology and historicity of Genesis are in fact critical to our everyday lives.

    What Happened in the Garden? includes new scientific, literary, business, educational, and legal perspectives on creation. Through this multidisciplinary look at the debate, the contributors prove that to change our understanding of the fall is to change the way we understand reality, to revise the Christian worldview, and to reshape the faith itself.

    Author: Abner Chou
    Abner Chou is professor of biblical studies at The Master’s College and Seminary. His other works include I Saw the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Vision and a commentary on Lamentations (Evangelical Exegetical Commentary).