• Outline Studies of the Tabernacle

    Outline Studies of the Tabernacle
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    Edition: June 30, 1974

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    Publication date: June 30, 1974

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    Outline Studies of the Tabernacle

    Its Sacrifices, Services, and Priesthood

    A thorough, outlined study of the construction and service of the tabernacle.
    Author: Ada R. Habershon
    Ada R. Habershon (1861-1918) was born in London, England. Few women have made a contribution to the cause of biblical scholarship equal to that of Ada Habershon. After formal Bible training, she turned her efforts to the exploration of the Scriptures. She was a devoted friend of D. L. Moody, Charles H. Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey, and Ira Sankey. In addition to writing hundreds of hymns, she is the author of eight Bible studies, including Study of the Miracles, Study of the Parables, and Hidden Pictures in the Old Testament.