• Salvation
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    ISBN: 9780825423482

    Pages: 128

    Publication date: 12-22-2004

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Classics

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    God's Marvelous Work of Grace

    A theological definition of “salvation” usually emphasizes the idea of “deliverance from sin.” In this classic work on the subject, Dr. Chafer explores the multifaceted implications of that simple statement. In exploring the larger meaning of the word “salvation,” Chafer looks at God’s works for the individual, such as atonement, grace, propitiation, forgiveness, justification, imputation, regeneration, adoption, sanctification, redemption, and glorification and also touches on topics such as the threefold message of the Cross and the one condition of salvation.

    “I rejoice in his faithful and forceful message, and am glad of the privilege of calling attention to a presentation of the way of salvation which is certain to lead all who read it earnestly to a living faith in Christ. . . .”

    —Dr. W. H. Griffith Thomas

    Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871–1952), American Presbyterian clergyman and educator, was born in Rock Creek, Ohio; studied at New Lyme Academy and Oberlin Conservatory and College; and studied under C. I. Scofield. Ordained in 1900, Chafer had diverse talents. He was a traveling evangelist and a Bible lecturer, he taught Bible at Philadelphia School of the Bible, and for many years was the editor of the theological journal Bibliotheca Sacra. In 1924 he founded the Evangelical Theological College (now Dallas Theological Seminary) and was its president and a professor of systematic theology until his death.

                His many other works include Satan: His Motives and Methods, True Evangelism, The Kingdom in History and Prophecy, He That Is Spiritual, Grace, Major Bible Themes, The Ephesian Letter, and the eight-volume Systematic Theology.