• Reasons for My Hope
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    ISBN: 9781854248633

    Pages: 160

    Publication date: 12-20-2010

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Category: Ministry

    Reasons for My Hope

    Responding to Non-Christian Friends

    A book to help Christians share their faith effectively through the development of good listening and dialogue skills

    What do you say when a friend asks you a tough question? More importantly, how do you respond to them--to the questioner rather than the question? Reasons for My Hope provides model dialogues--imaginative encounters--that demonstrate both the opportunities and the challenges of sharing one's faith. Many enthusiastic Christians tend to rely on stock answers without hearing the deeper resonances of the questions raised by non-Christians.

    If we can develop the sensitivity to hear different needs, experiences, and interests, and can learn to respond without offering textbook solutions, then a true dialogue can develop.

    "My aim is to help Christians to explain their faith to their non-Christian friends, family and acquaintances, and answer the questions that often arise," explains Benno van den Toren. "This book focuses on understanding the questions and objections that are often raised in such conversations. Consequently, this book doesn't aim to give instant answers . . . The main thing is not to have a battery of the right arguments and answers, but rather to develop the right attitude: a genuine interest in everyone we meet."