• 40 Questions About the Historical Jesus
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    ISBN: 9780825442841

    Pages: 408

    Publication date: 4-27-2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Academic

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    40 Questions About the Historical Jesus

    Answers to critical questions regarding the study of the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith

    The conclusions of the quest for the historical Jesus, which casts the majority of Christ's life as a myth, are a stark contrast to the orthodox view of Christ as presented in the Bible. Pate demonstrates that a critical analysis of the gospel text along with historical and cultural methods of investigation actually point toward an orthodox view of Christ.

    This work argues that the canonical Gospels are the most trustworthy information we have about the gospel writers as well as the life and ministry of Jesus, including his death, visit to hades, resurrection, and ascension. Readers will be encouraged by the reliability of the Gospel writers, the reality of Jesus' humanity and deity, and the inferiority of the apocryphal gospels.