• The Introvert Charismatic
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    ISBN: 9780857215888

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: 3-27-2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    The Introvert Charismatic

    The Gift of Introversion in a Noisy Church

    In charismatic circles, exuberance is the norm. But what about introverts who quietly exercise the gifts of the Spirit?

    Extrovert characters, exuberant worship, large crowds and noisy fellowship seem central to charismatic churches--but do we really need to shout before God will move in power?

    Introverts can find charismatic culture off-putting, even disagreeable, and yet love what God is doing. How can they engage in a healthy manner? Is introversion something to be overcome, grown out of, even healed?

    "It is none of those things," emphasizes Mark Tanner. "Introversion is a creation gift. It is part of the image of God." He explores the richness of worshipping God with the personality you have been given. The Church, the Kingdom, and the world need charismatic introverts, and this book is a thoughtful and practical guide for introverts and extroverts alike.