• Faith Dancing
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    ISBN: 9780825462887

    Pages: 144

    Publication date: 6-16-2009

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Faith Dancing

    Conversations in Good Company

    “Joy is faith dancing. Peace is faith resting.

    “Sometimes our faith is tired. It seems to have nowhere to sit down and have a rest. It's hard to hope for better things and we need a helping hand.

    “It is at such times I go to the Deep Place where nobody goes, sit on the Steps of my Soul and breathe deeply. Through His Word help comes. Strengthened by such encounters I continue. Not just plodding, hanging on with grim determination to finish the course set before me, but with renewed joy“my faith dancing.

    “My prayer is that this little book will encourage your faith to sit down and have a rest too. Enjoy!”