• Breaking Up
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    ISBN: 9780825439377

    Pages: 128

    Publication date: 4-18-2007

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Breaking Up

    He's Just Not That Into God

    How do you know if a relationship is godly? What does a “godly relationship” even mean? Does it mean abstinence? Does it mean something more? What do you do if your relationship isn’t godly? These are tough questions with no easy answers, but Stina Wilson has confronted them before and knows that they are important to ask in every dating relationship.

    When Stina was in high school, her boyfriend, Jason, seemed perfect: he was sensitive, caring, fun, and intelligent. But he wasn’t a Christian, and Stina’s relationship with Christ was just beginning. As she grew in her faith, Stina found herself face-to-face with many difficult questions, and finally had to cope with letting go of the guy so she could take hold of God.

    Building on her personal experience and years of working with students in Young Life, Stina has written this book to help you answer these complicated questions. She will help you find out if your relationship is godly, decide if (and how) you should break off the relationship, cope with guilt and emotional fallout, and finally move forward to a new relationship with God, safe in the promise that He will always care for you.

    “This is exactly the book I have been looking for to have for my three daughters. It’s relevant, practical, stretching, and God-loving. Stina Wilson knows how to communicate to students.”

    Jim Burns, Ph.D.
    Founder of HomeWord

    Stina Wilson is currently on staff with Young Life in Orange County, California. As the team leader for a local high school, Stina spends much of her time taking high school students to camp and drinking coffee with friends.