• The Tabernacle--Shadows of the Messiah
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    ISBN: 9780825431586

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: 9-24-2003

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    The Tabernacle--Shadows of the Messiah

    Its Sacrifices, Services, and Priesthood

    The Tabernacle dominates fifty chapters in the Old Testament, while all of creation requires only two. Yet attaining an understanding of the design and significance of God's first house among His people gets scant attention in most churches today.

    A proper understanding of the Tabernacle provides a graphic understanding of God's redemptive program. It clearly pictures sinful man, holy God, and the incredible price required to bring the two together. A grasp of the Tabernacle's sacrifices, services, and priesthood is prerequisite to a proper understanding of more than half the book of Hebrews, and countless other New Testament passages.

    While numerous books have been written on the Tabernacle, most focus on its services, virtually omitting the priesthood and the various sacrifices. Newer Tabernacle books are often sketchy in their content, overly fanciful in their typology, and include exaggerated anti-types of Christ that the text never intended.

    David M. Levy provides a resource equally helpful for those with little Bible knowledge and those with many years of personal Bible study, promising to challenge the reader with the significance of the Tabernacle.