• Pneumaformity

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    Edition: October 15, 2024

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    Transformation by the Spirit in Paul

    According to Paul, it is by the Spirit, through Christ, that God transforms people, communities, and the cosmos

    Prominent recent studies elevate the themes of "Christoformity" and "Cruciformity" in Paul, but few sufficiently account for how a believer is actually transformed into the image of Christ. Pneumaformity fills the gap in Pauline studies by surveying Paul's letters for teachings on the Spirit's agency in the life of God' people. This study aptly demonstrates that the Holy Spirit is the instrument through whom such radical living is possible. This study dives into Paul's teachings on the following aspects of the Spirit's agency and more:

    • the Spirit's participation in conversion
    • the Spirit's role in forming Christian character
    • the Spirit's integrating work within the Christian community
    • the Spirit and missional engagement
    • the Spirit's place in the believer's final eschatological transformation

    Keown shows how Paul infuses his christological language with pneumatological realities, offering readers a fuller understanding of the Spirit's work in individuals, the church, and the world.
    Author: Mark J. Keown
    Rev. Dr. Mark J. Keown (ThD, Australian College of Theology) received his ThD studying the importance of evangelism to the letter of Philippians in 1994. Mark served as a pastor for years until taking up the role as Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College, New Zealand, in 2005. His publications include Philippians (2 vols.) in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series and Discovering the New Testament: An Introduction to Its Background, Theology, and Themes (3 vols.). He is also a singer-songwriter and an avid spin instructor and cyclist.