• Israel in the Plan of God
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    ISBN: 9780825420894

    Pages: 320

    Publication date: 11-17-2000

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Classics

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    Israel in the Plan of God

    …The Scriptures carry their own divine seal, and the more we seek to penetrate to the wonderful inner depths which they contain, the more deeply is the conviction wrought in us that they are not of man’s origination, but are God-breathed.

    It has always been my aim therefore, not to dispute or argue about the Bible, but to show, however inadequately, some of the wonderful things which it contains, and to make the Word of God of spiritual profit to the reader.

    In these chapters in particular, in which the whole history of the peculiar people—from the call of Abraham to the dispersion and final restoration—is, so to say, expounded and set in its true light by inspired prophets and psalmists with a view to vindicate the ways of God in His dealings with men, and to show forth the divine perfections of His character, there are many great and important lessons for Christians to learn. But what stands out most prominently in them are Jehovah’s infinite grace and faithfulness to sinful men…

    -from the Preface by David Baron