• A Guide to the End of the World
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    ISBN: 9781909728851

    Pages: 200

    Publication date: 6-26-2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Instant Apostle

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    A Guide to the End of the World

    Rapture? Millennium? Heaven?

    Will I be raptured? Will there be an Antichrist? What will heaven be like? And did someone mention a millennium? In A Guide to the End of the World, Pete Lowman skillfully tackles all these questions and more!

    Leading you through the biblical end-time prophecies, he reflects on how these glorious, terrifying, and perplexing visions might find fulfillment in our postmodern world. Differing views on key Scriptures are presented, together with concise and accessible analyses of Revelation and Christ's famous Matthew 24 discourse, offering you a thorough grasp of the issues. Steeped in Scripture and overflowing with heartfelt passion for God, this book will leave you more informed and more desirous of Jesus's return, whatever you conclude.