GET TO KNOW KREGEL’S NEW PUBLISHING PARTNERS Kregel Publications | 3 | MUDDY PEARL GILEAD PUBLISHING Gilead Publishing specializes in Christian-themed fiction and classic titles. Founded in 2016 by CEO Dan Balow and some close friends, Gilead will publishfortyormoretitlesperyear.Inadditiontocorefictiontitles,Gileadcontains several imprints: Enclave, for science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural; Evergreen Farm, for all titles by Catherine Marshall and Dr. Peter Marshall, including the classic novel Christy; and Gilead Classics, with a variety of updated spiritually enriching novels from authors such as Charles Sheldon, G. K. Chesterton, and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Gilead’s goal is to publish widely but with a level of literary quality that readers will appreciate. Muddy Pearl is an independent publisher of thoughtful Christian books and general-market gift titles established in 2013 in Edinburgh by Richard and Stephanie Heald. As publisher, Stephanie seeks to invest in new authors who have deep insights into life or a valuable story to share. She publishes books on parenting, politics, technology, love, loss, and belief, all from a perspective of Christian faith, that help readers know better the Lord that she and the authors love and serve. The team at Muddy Pearl produces books to the highest standard, drawing wherever possible on the traditional skills and resources available in Scotland. Dan Balow Stephanie Heald