RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS GILEAD PUBLISHING: ENCLAVE 978-1-68370-106-4 • $15.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 496 pages FICTION / Christian / Fantasy Rights: World March 6, 2018 To save the world, he must watch it burn Abiassa’s people fall. Her Fierian dwindles. Her Deliverers wait as Poired Dyrth marches unchecked through the Nine Kingdoms. He’s taken the Embers of countless Accelerants. He’s taken Zaethien and Hetaera, the mightiest cities of the Nine. He’s taken the blood of the royal family. Now Dyrth is after Haegan’s power—the Fierian’s power. And after that, he wants the world. He will not take it unopposed. Battered and outnumbered, the remnant of the Nine forge new alliances, make friends of enemies, and prepare to stand against the last great press of evil. In faith, they wait. The Fierian will come. War raging without and within, Abiassa’s people face their greatest need. But before the Fierian can fulfill his destiny, he has to defeat the enemy in his own mind. Ronie Kendig is an award-winning, best-selling author of over seventeen novels. She grew up an army brat, and now she and her army-veteran husband live in beautiful Northern Virginia with their children and a retired military working dog, VVolt N629. ISBN 978-1-68370-106-4 9 7 8 1 6 8 3 7 0 1 0 6 4 Fierian Ronie Kendig Embers 978-1-62184-057-2 • $15.99 • Kendig is a Christy Award–winning author with a wide fan base across many genres • The much-anticipated conclusion to the Abiassa’s Fire saga Kregel Publications | 21 | Accelerant 978-1-68370-048-7 • $15.99 ABIASSA’S FIRE #3