Kregel Publications | 28 | NATION IN TR ANSIT THOSE WHO SHOW UP MUDDY PEARL 978-1-910012-41-3 • $17.99 Paperback • 5.5 x 8.5 • 226 pages Religion, Politics & State Rights: NA Available ISBN 978-1-910012-41-3 9 7 8 1 9 1 0 0 1 2 4 1 3 Nation in Transit A Manifesto for Post-Brexit Britain Phil Anderson Incisive political writing from the epicenter of the EU referendum earthquake Starting from the underlying causes of the mass dissatisfaction that brought the UK to this point, this book offers a clear vision forwhatapost-BrexitBritainshouldlooklike.Fromunemployment to immigration, public housing to the banking industry, and local villages to the global environment, Phil Anderson takes a long, hard look at what really creates the conditions for people and communities to flourish and why the UK just isn’t feeling it as a nation. The answers combine radical political ideas with grassroots Essex reality, because if the solutions don’t work for the person on the street then they probably won’t work at all. Phil Anderson is a battle-hardened local politician from Thurrock in South Essex, branded by UK media as “Britain’s most Eurosceptic area” and “the country’s capital of misery.” Phil has been a director of the Thames Gateway Development Corporation and the Thurrock Racial Unity Support Taskgroup, a codirector of the National Prayer Breakfast, and a regular media contributor in print, radio, Internet, and occasionally television. Those Who Show Up Andy Flannagan; foreword by Archbishop Justin Welby A compelling call for the church to grasp the opportunity to serve This book won’t try to get you to vote for a particular party. It isn’t going to try to get you to vote at all. Andy Flannagan’s goal is something far better: he’s going to show you that it could be your name on the ballot. Or you could be working with someone whose name appears on the ballot. Regardless, unless we get involved in the decision-making processes on the front end, nothing will really change. God cares deeply about the heart of our state, as well as the state of our hearts. The vote is won—and history made, and the kingdom advanced—by those who show up. Andy Flannagan is one of the directors of Christians in Politics and the director of Christians on the Left. Andy longs to see a just rewiring of the global economic system. He and his wife, Jenny, moved to a council estate in the center of London five years ago and are actively building friendships and community there. Andy is also a writer and singer-songwriter. His books include God 360 Degrees and Distinctive Worship, and he has released a number of creative and critically acclaimed albums. Muddy Pearl 978-1-910012-19-2 • $14.99 Paperback • 5.5 x 8.5 • 216 pages Religion, Politics & State Rights: NA Available ISBN 978-1-910012-19-2 9 7 8 1 9 1 0 0 1 2 1 9 2