b'OLD FAVORITES , NEW COVERSEusebiusThe Church HistoryTranslation and commentary by Paul L. MaierA gripping story of survival, recovery, and holding on to hope after a life-changing road accidentN exttoJosephus,Eusebiusisthemostwidelyconsulted reference work on the early church. Much of our knowledge of the first three centuries of Christianitythe terrible persecutions, the courageous martyrs, and the theological controversiescome from the writings of this first century historian. The hardcover edition of this translation includes more than 150 color photographs, maps, and charts.PaulL.Maier(PhD.UniversityofBasel)isemeritusprofes-sor of ancient history at Western Michigan University. He is an award-winning author of many works dealing with the rise of Christianity, including Joesphus: The Essential Writings. Maier has traveled extensively in the Middle East and Asia Minor, visit-ing many of the sites mentioned.RELATED TITLESN d r JWibul ia m d in 1737e . JOSEPHUS JOSEPHUS 978-0-8254-4721-1$29.99available today a dniotssilepaas fitihuonr f ouubntdm ilasihne Wcohmpisotsotlen telsd dyit iiffinonecuws lt o,tf r daJunosstslepya,t iahuonnds!The Essential Writings Hardback6 x 9416 pagesWaohttei jsdut osvtn ea risnsio ottnhhe e o tfe rnad w on ofss,t pThisb J remarkablenewn translation J sv se s pse e hm andinc tconden s,andalipghp ation T n r preseravindsled, Christianity / Historyes Je sre.p Nht oufsrwos m inqe stshueeirsnienti gacl l raewsasriidctie wnrsgo src:kaine t eohcnei a ttJhee,e w O hWoanefi ment. The et let,csoent teinn t lafrrogm and n,ewwfuhilsliych h c Aosnhmetpidqr eucirhteuiendcsiraatableassye -tpNhoew- a urse . aTdA ly esltl yaps-kieegesntssifie intrte rx t aisgeatte s edamseoc tly ilmruepdaeoddrfre,eosmhma itnratyte nsdw laaondrtido- nfao rr-isewo nton , andcai pntahltre opeeaxrset. Paul L. Maiers th brac re nstions a The Essential Writingsnlosotroed de.nOwhinanced by: 12 mapcs fs anal aor sid ind dgllunyisfintracaastntiiot ec cnsvheanrttss o Afn J Ielwluissthra Atendt iEqduiittiioens Kregel AcademicRights: World 83 photographs5 gA s and The Jewish WarMaergnien da lA togatiehcoterd Biuomugbh Inbelriogindg sreaxpyhstyemTa D ihrt.iiso M ne,aa which pres s ie h v oephmtiau sdleJaloingdshe otpenhd u tso.wI eclocmommee tnhdi si ta bwraidrgmeldy September 28, 2021(now the stane Leoeleb ndard for Josephus citation)edfel rlri eisrpaunb aliuctaetrhioorenitssyt teon first-century Christianity, hsetiJefyss.s Ie anto al ow students of the New TestUamnFive. Fernt. Bs.ity orucf Me, Eamnc eritus Profeshester, Englaor,ndReference / Biblical History MaierISBN 978-0-8254-2964-4 A New Translation by978082542964 Paul L. MaierJosephus: The EssentialThe Genuine JesusWritings 978-0-8254-4675-7$24.99978-0-8254-2964-4$19.9926 www.kregel.com'