b'Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom PsalmsA Commentary for Biblical Preaching and TeachingW. Creighton Marlowe and Charles H. Savelle Jr.KERUX COMMENTARIESKerux Commentaries enable pastors and teachers to understand and effectively present the main message in a biblical textE achvolumeuniquelycombinestheinsightsofan experienced Bible exegete (trained in interpretation) and a homiletician (trained in preaching). These two authors work togethertoexplaintheessentialmessagefortheoriginal listenersorreaders,unpackitstimelesstruth,andthen provideacontemporaryrestatementandcommunication insights for the key biblical concept.Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms includes psalms with themes perpetuated in Old Testament wisdom literature such as Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. These psalms extol God as the author of wisdom, contrasting the righteous, who acknowledge and follow Gods ways, with the wicked, who rebelagainsthim.Likewise,wisdompsalmspraiseGods specialrevelationofhislawsandpromises.Thepsalmists commend the virtue of pursuing Gods truth and teaching. Marlowe and Savelle explore these psalms original signifi-cance for their ancient audience and use this knowledge to reveal where and how God continues to speak through the wisdom psalms today. Readers will be empowered to teach and preach the Psalms with a renewed perspective.W. Creighton Marlowe (PhD, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)isassociateprofessorofOldTestamentatthe Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium, and the missionarytheologicaleducatorwithEuropeanChristian Mission. His other works include Other Voices in Old Testament Interpretation.Charles H. Savelle Jr. (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) teachesasanadjunctprofessorforDallasTheological SeminaryandSouthwesternBaptistTheologicalSeminary. He has also taught at several other institutions in the United States and in the Philippines, Korea, and Hungary.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A unique commentary series spe- 978-0-8254-5846-0$26.99cifically designed for all preachingHardback7.5 x 9.25208 pagessituations Biblical Commentary / Old Testament /Provides the central message of eachPoetry & Wisdom Literaturepassage, expert exegetical insight,Kregel MinistryRights: Worldand practical tools for communicationSeptember 28, 2021to contemporary audiencesZephaniahMalachi Ephesians978-0-8254-2573-8$32.99 978-0-8254-5834-7$29.99Written by an exegetical expert and a homiletical expertwww.kregel.com 19'