b'The Lord of the RingA Journey in Search of Count ZinzendorfThird EditionPhil Anderson; foreword by Pete GreigThe unbelievable story of how one town truly prayed without ceasingI n 1999, a small town on the south coast of England became the birthplace of the extraordinary, accidental, international movementknownas24-7Prayer.Theirinspirationwasa seeminglychancevisitbyfounderPeteGreigtoHerrnhutin Germany,wheretheeighteenth-centuryCountNikolausvon Zinzendorf had initiated the Moravian prayer watch, which ran without ceasing for a hundred years.Five years later, Phil Anderson undertook an aerial road trip on a tiny four-seat airplane from England to Germany, a remark-able journey to uncover the history of Zinzendorf and the move-ment he led.Part history, part narrative, The Lord of the Ring takes readers on a fascinating journey back to the eighteenth-century Moravian renewalmovementandtheirhundred-yearprayerwatch. Anderson retraces the steps of Zinzendorf, reconnects with his legacy, and seeks to apply it to life and faith in a new millennium. Learning from the past, readers will discover crucial signposts for grappling with the churchs identity and calling as an authentic, relational, missional community.Phil Anderson has served as a Christian leader, elected politi-cian, coordinator of the UK national prayer breakfast, engineer of the worlds fastest paper-recycling plant, and manager of a toothpaste-tube factory. In 2005 he became a founding member of the renewed Order of the Mustard Seed, a lay ecumenical order of prayer, mission, and justice.Pete Greig cofounded and champions the 24-7 Prayer movement. He is a pastor at Emmaus Rd. in Guildford, England, and has writ-ten a number of bestselling books, including Red Moon Rising, Dirty Glory, and How to Pray.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Uncovers the historic roots and influences978-1-910012-33-8$17.99of 24-7 Prayer Paperback5.5 x 8.5192 pages A historical subject area of renewed inter- BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / est in many circles that is increasinglyReligiousreferred to by diverse Christian groups Muddy PearlRights: NAAvailable Updated edition with new scholarshipThe Heavenly Man Even the Sparrow978-0-8254-4677-1$17.99 978-1-910012-71-0$16.99www.kregel.com 23'