• Charts on the Book of Hebrews

    Charts on the Book of Hebrews
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    Edition: November 28, 2012

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    Charts on the Book of Hebrews

    The book of Hebrews presents interpretive challenges and theological comparisons unrivaled in the New Testament. Charts on the Book of Hebrews puts this demanding yet rewarding information in an accessible and useful format. The charts fall into four categories:

    1. Introductory matters (e.g., authorship of Hebrews)
    2. Influences in Hebrews (e.g. Second Temple messianic figures)
    3. Theological issues (e.g. words of exhortation)
    4. Exegetical concerns (e.g. figures of speech)

    Students will find this an invaluable companion to classes on Hebrews. Pastors and teachers will benefit from these insightful charts to quickly clarify difficult concepts while teaching. And all visual learners will find that these charts make Hebrews more comprehensible.

    "Herb Bateman is eminently qualified to write on Hebrews. Laymen, students, pastors and scholars will constantly refer to this work whenever they read, study, teach, or preach Hebrews. An indispensable resource." - David Allen, Southwestern Baptist School of Theology

    "The range, reliability, and clarity of the charts will make this a gold mine for both beginning and advanced students of this challenging but vital New Testament discourse." - Jon Laansma, Wheaton College

    Author: Herbert W. Bateman IV
    Herbert W. Bateman IV (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) taught New Testament Greek for over twenty years and is editor of the Big Greek Idea series. He is author or co-author of more than fifteen books, many on the subject of New Testament exegesis and proclamation, including Hebrews (Kerux), John’s Letters (Big Greek Idea), and Jude (Evangelical Exegetical Commentary).