• A Cup of Dust

    Book #1

    Susie Finkbeiner

    Ten-year-old Pearl Spence is a daydreamer, playing make-believe to escape life in Oklahoma's Dust Bowl in 1935. The Spences have their share of misfortune, but as the sheriff's family, they've got more than most in this dry, desolate place. They're who the town turns to when there's a crisis or a need--and during these desperate times, there are plenty of both, even if half the town stands empty as...
  • A Song of Home

    Book #3

    Susie Finkbeiner

    "Susie Finkbeiner never fails to transport her readers through time and space, welcoming us into worlds we never want to leave."
    --Julie Cantrell, New York Times best-selling author of Into the Free

    Pearl Spence has finally settled into a routine in Bliss, Michigan, far from her home in Red River, Oklahoma. Like all the other kids, she goes to school each day, plays in the woods,...
  • A Trail of Crumbs

    Book #2

    Susie Finkbeiner

    Pearl Spence has been through more in her young life than most folks could handle. Now her family is fleeing their Oklahoma wasteland. Pearl isn't sure she'll ever see home or happiness again. Are there any crumbs powerful enough to guide her back to the dependable life she once knew?

    The strong narrative voice of Finkbeiner's young protagonist from A Cup of Dust returns in this gritty...