• Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature

    Richard A. Taylor

    "An appreciation for the rich diversity of literary genres in Scripture is one of the positive features of evangelical scholarship in recent decades."--David M. Howard Jr., series editor

    At one time, Old Testament apocalyptic literature was relegated to the more obscure reaches of biblical scholarship, acceptable to occasionally refer to, but too thorny to delve into deeply. However, in recent...
  • Interpreting the Historical Books

    Robert B. Chisholm Jr.

    The Old Testament displays a remarkable literary and theological unity through a variety of genres. But applying a single, one-size-fits-all method of exegesis can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. A valuable reference tool for students and pastors, the Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis (HOTE) series provides readers with an enhanced understanding of different Old Testament genres and strategies...
  • Interpreting the Pentateuch

    Peter T. Vogt

    In this latest addition to the Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis series, Peter T. Vogt continues the tradition of excellence established by previous volumes. Divided into three parts, Interpreting the Pentateuch first provides an overview of the major themes of the Pentateuch. In the second part, Vogt offers resources and strategies for interpreting and understanding the first five books of the...
  • Interpreting the Prophetic Books

    Gary V. Smith

    Preaching from a prophetic text can be daunting because it can be difficult to place these prophecies in their proper historical setting. The prophets used different literary genres and they often wrote using metaphorical poetry that is unfamiliar to the modern reader. This handbook offers an organized method of approaching a prophecy and preparing a persuasive, biblically based sermon that will draw...
  • Interpreting the Psalms

    Mark D. Futato

    Widely used in personal and public worship, the psalms present multiple interpretive challenges—their poetic form has few, if any, points of contact with English poetry and the images in the psalms can seem just as distant. Furthermore, Mark Futato writes, “their ethics at times seem to go against the grain of the teachings of the New Testament.”

    Interpreting the Psalms, the second...