• Commentary on Revelation

    Commentary on Revelation
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    Commentary on Revelation

    Revelation is one of the most difficult, widely argued book of the Bible.

    However Bullinger, an untiring scholar of God’s word, treats Revelation not as a work to be interpreted by man, but as God’s own interpretation of the future to us. Bullinger's vast knowledge of the Scriptures, his unique grasp of history, and his unusual interpretative ability will challenge you to rethink your views of interpretation.

    Refreshing in its literal acceptance of God's Word, this commentary is not merely a warmed over version of other men’s views. Bullinger looks at every verse and devotes major discussions to key debated issues in the book of Revelation.

    Author: E. W. Bullinger
    E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913) was a direct descendant of Johann H. Bullinger, the Swiss reformer. Bullinger was a lifelong scholar and writer studying at King's College, London. In 1862 he was ordained in the Church of England. He is also the author of the notes and appendixes of The Companion Bible and the author of numerous works including Commentary on Revelation, Great Cloud of Witnesses, How to Enjoy the Bible, and Number in Scripture.