• Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism
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    ISBN: 9780825420627

    Pages: 352

    Publication date: 11-11-1999

    Format: Paperback

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    Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism

    A Comparison of Traditional & Progressive Views

    For several years two groups of dispensationalists, commonly known by the terms traditionalists and progressives, have engaged in an ongoing debate centered around three crucial issues: 1. The interpretation of Scripture. What rules of hermeneutics our understanding of Scripture? 2. The Abrahamic, Davidic, and new covenants. To whom do these covenants apply and how are they fulfilled or yet to be fulfilled? 3. Israel and the church. How are we to understand the present relationship and future destiny of these two peoples of God? In an irenic debate format, this book demonstrates that those on either side of the issues care deeply about Scripture and its meaning. "Each (contributor) should be given credit for a congenial and helpful contribution to the dispensational discussion."