• Romans: Verse-by-Verse
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    ISBN: 9780825433399

    Pages: 592

    Publication date: 10-3-2003

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Classics

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    Romans: Verse-by-Verse

    A Classic Evangelical Commentary

    "The only hope of Christianity is in the rehabilitating of the Pauline theology. It is back, back, back, to an incarnate Christ and the atoning blood, or it is on, on, on to atheism and despair," wrote Francis L. Patton, former president of Princeton University . Those prophetic words aptly introduce William R. Newell's classic commentary on the Epistle to the Romans and underscore the church's continuing need to study and teach the book of Romans.

    • Includes helpful comments on both the Greek and English texts
    • Precise and ample footnotes provide valuable discussions on the historical and critical context of individual passages.