Debut Book Lands on Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List, No. 1 in Multiple Categories on Release Day

October 01, 2021

Jonathon M. Seidl's "Finding Rest" Meets Needs of Anxious Society


— Within 24 hours of its Sept. 28 release, Jonathon M. Seidl’s debut book, Finding Rest: A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the Valleys of Anxiety, Faith and Life, hit numerous best-selling lists on Amazon, including ranking No. 77 in the “Top 100 in Books.” The book is the No. 34 new release across all categories of Amazon. In addition, it hit No. 1 bestseller and/or No. 1 new release in every single one of its subject categories including Mood Disorders, Christian Counseling & Recovery, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anxieties & Phobias, Mood Disorders, Christian Pastoral Counseling, and Christian Personal Growth.

Finding Rest addresses the struggles of anxiety and provides much-needed tools to fight back against the disorder that, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), currently affects more than 40 million Americans.

"I didn't write this book because I wanted to but because I needed to," said Seidl. "I live with anxiety and depression and understand what it is like to feel lost, hopeless and confused. But I also know there is hope. The pandemic awakened a global anxiety that we have to fight back against, and I believe this book gives us the tools to do just that."

In Finding Rest, Seidl is not only brutally honest about his own struggles with anxiety and OCD but also does not shy away from tough discussions about the issues, including the stigma that surrounds the disorders, the controversy around medication and the physical and spiritual battles that often ensue for those who suffer.

The book also speaks honestly about how the church has historically failed to adequately address mental health issues and offers supplementary insight for leaders caring for those struggling with disorders.

"This book is for those who need a guide, for those who have been forgotten, misunderstood and misguided," Seidl said. "One thing I wanted to do with this book is call the church to something better. Not in an angry way, but in a loving way. When the church treats mental health issues as only a spiritual problem, disconnected from the brain and the body, it fails the people it is called to serve."

Finding Rest includes a compelling foreword by actor and producer, Kirk Cameron, and is endorsed by a number of faith leaders, mental health professionals, and individuals suffering from anxiety worldwide.

Learn more about the book here.


Jonathon M. Seidl is the founder and president of The Veritas Creative, a digital media consulting and content creation firm. For over a decade he has been telling stories. In fact, he’s written over 6,000 of them, first after helping start a top-50 news site, then as the editor-in-chief of the popular non-profit I Am Second, and recently creating and overseeing Kirk Cameron’s media venture, The Courage. Seidl’s passion is to help people with mental health struggles, while also sharing what he’s learned telling stories for--and working with--some of the media’s biggest names and organizations, including Glenn Beck, Kirk Cameron, and Chip and Joanna Gaines. He graduated with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics from The King’s College in New York City and currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two children. More information about Jon can be found at

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