Kregel Publications | 3 | The answer to what God is talking about must be understood in every context and generation; that is why Kerux emphasizes text-based truths and bridges from the context of the original hearers and readers to the twenty-first century world. —FROM THE PREFACE Dear Booksellers, We are excited to announce a new commentary series from Kregel Ministry, designed with pastors and teachers in mind! It’s not a commentary for scholarly or devotional users—it’s for the men and women of God engaged in connecting the text of Scripture with the needs of listeners. The Kerux Commentaries series takes its name from the Greek word kerux, a messenger or herald who announced the proclamations of a ruler or magistrate. It’s the same word that Paul uses in 1 Timothy 2:7— “For this I was appointed a preacher and an apostle. . . .” Those who proclaim and teach the text of Scripture need to be equipped not only to explain Scripture, but also to connect the hearers with the big idea of a specific passage and its application to life. Based on the popular “big idea” preaching model, Kerux commentaries uniquely combine the insights of those trained in biblical interpretation (exegetes) and those trained in preaching (homileticians). Their collaboration provides: • An introduction and outline for every Bible book • Individual preaching sections and ideas for every Bible book • Helpful discussions of the original context of each preaching passage • Insights from the Hebrew and Greek text • The main concept of the text for its first hearers and readers • The theological focus of each passage • A contemporary big idea for every preaching unit • Communication pointers for each primary idea • The present-day meaning, validity, and application of a main idea • Key questions about the text for study groups Kerux Commentaries also present: • Sidebars of pertinent information for further background • Extended treatments of difficult topics in the digital editions • Additional resources for further study of the text Available in both print and expanded digital editions, Kerux commentaries are designed to equip preachers and teachers to confidently and effectively proclaim God’s Word. We pray it will become your customers’ choice for teaching God’s people and leading them into spiritual maturity in Christ. Here’s to more effective preaching! Dennis R. Hillman Publisher