RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-8254-4276-6 • $25.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 384 pages Christian Theology / Eschatology Kregel Academic • Rights: World November 27, 2018 Biblical answers to the most frequently asked questions about the afterlife In 40 Questions About Heaven and Hell, Alan Gomes surveys the Old and New Testaments to present a comprehensive picture of the afterlife. The question-and-answer format makes it easy to find answers to specific questions on heaven, hell, the intermediate state, the final judgment, and life in eternity. Readers will find solid answers to many vital questions: • What should we conclude about those who claim to have seen heaven or hell? • Is it possible for us to communicate with the dead? • Is there such a place as purgatory? • What will our resurrected bodies be like? • What will we do in the eternal state? • Will there be animals in the eternal state? • What is hell like? • How can a God of love send people to an eternal hell? • Did Jesus “descend into hell” like the Apostles’ Creed says? Study notes point to additional resources for learning, and reflection questions at the end of each chapter make the book ideal for small group studies. Alan W. Gomes is professor of theology at Talbot School of Theology and the author of numerous books and articles on the- ology and apologetics. Benjamin L. Merkle is professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of 40 Questions About Elders and Deacons. ISBN 978-0-8254-4276-6 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 2 7 6 6 40 Questions About Heaven and Hell Alan W. Gomes; Benjamin L. Merkle, series editor • Best-selling 40 Questions series • Answers based on solid biblical theology • Question-and-answer format is ideal for classroom, individual, or small group study BIBLICAL STUDIES | 14 | 40 QUESTIONS 40 Questions About the End Times 978-0-8254-3896-7 • $22.99 Answers to Common Questions About Heaven & Eternity 978-0-8254-2657-5 • $12.99