• God and Me at the Sea

    God and Me at the Sea
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    Price: $16.99

    ISBN: 9780825447464

    Edition: May 17, 2022

    Pages: 32

    Dimensions: 9 x 10 (inch.)

    Publication date: May 17, 2022

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Children's Books

    Category: Children's Story Books

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    God and Me at the Sea

    A kid-friendly look at how beautiful and natural the worship experience can be

    "I feel God's love. So strong. So deep.
    I whirl! I twirl! I skip! I leap!"

    Have you ever felt God's love so deeply that you wanted to sing and dance? That's just how this little girl feels! In a sunny beach setting, she praises God with her whole heart--and her whole body! Singing, dancing, and drumming on her sand bucket, she has the most joy-filled time playing . . . a natural time to worship that we often forget.

    In God and Me at the Sea, Shelley Kinder uses language natural to children and draws on rhythm and movement to show how all-encompassing the experience of praise can be. There's no heavy, preachy tone here, just a light-hearted girl who shows kids 3 to 8 how to love and worship God.

    Accompanied by vivid, expressive illustrations, God and Me at the Sea opens children's eyes to the glory of God's creation, and how powerful and rewarding worship can be.
    Author: Shelley Kinder
    Shelley Kinder is a children's book author whose previous books, Not So Scary Jerry and The Masterpiece, have garnered critical praise. She lives with her family in Indiana. Visit her at shelleykinder.com.