• Look Inside the Bible - Life of Jesus

    Look Inside the Bible - Life of Jesus
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    ISBN: 9781859858233

    Edition: June 21, 2011

    Pages: 16

    Publication date: June 21, 2011

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Candle Books

    Category: Kregel Childrens Books

    Series: Candle Discovery Series

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    Look Inside the Bible - Life of Jesus

    Author: Tim Dowley
    Discover the hustle and bustle of city life during Bible times!

    Travel through Bible lands and follow the story of Jesus, getting an illustrated aerial view of important places from the New Testament. Five fold-out maps visually detail both day-to-day activities and extraordinary events with descriptive narrative of each related Bible story. Stories highlight incidents throughout Jesus' life to help illuminate his ministry. Text directs the reader to areas of interest along with simple questions, and provides references to the Bible for more detailed information.

    Includes maps of: Nazareth, Bethlehem, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem.

    Author: Tim Dowley
    Tim Dowley (Ph.D. in church history, University of Manchester) has been at the forefront of writing and editing for a new generation of resources on biblical studies and church history.