• Invitation to Biblical Preaching
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    ISBN: 9780825436666

    Pages: 376

    Publication date: 3-1-2007

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Ministry

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    Invitation to Biblical Preaching

    Proclaiming Truth with Clarity and Relevance

    "If Donald Sunukjian writes something about preaching, I read it. He is a master at understanding how ideas work and how to develop them. If your messages have ever been less than crystal clear, read what he has to say."

    --Craig Brian Larson
    Editor, PreachingToday.com

    "Filled with examples, appended with helpful samples, and written in the vernacular of the people, Invitation to Biblical Preaching will take its rightful place among the homiletics textbooks of our classrooms and in the stacks of refreshing readings for experienced pastors."

    --G. Charles Sackett
    Professor of Preaching
    Lincoln Christian Seminary

    "Invitation to Biblical Preaching guides readers with proven principles stated in a fresh way. If every seasoned preacher will study this book and every novice take it as a primer, our pulpits would resound with a clear and authoritative, 'Here is what God is saying . . . to us.'"

    --Calvin Pearson
    E. Hermond Westmoreland Chair of Preaching
    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    "Provides succinct instruction and numerous concrete examples. . . . The chapter on oral clarity is worth its weight in gold. I heartily recommend this book for serious students who wish to handle God's Word well."

    --Kenneth E. Bickel
    Professor of Pastoral Studies
    Grace Theological Seminary

    "A practical guide to developing twenty-first century sermons that are biblically faithful, clear, and engaging. This is not ivory-tower theory; Invitation to Biblical Preaching offers down-to-earth insights and enough examples to spark dozens of great sermon ideas for any preacher!"

    --Michael Duduit
    Editor, Preaching magazine

    Invitation to Biblical Preaching takes the reader step-by-step through the entire process of biblical preaching--from biblical study to planning to delivery. Both current pastors and those training for the pulpit will especially appreciate the book's original content, profuse examples, and clear instruction. Two complete sermons (one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament) reinforce the text's principles.

    Donald R. Sunukjian (Ph.D., UCLA; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of preaching and chair of the Christian Ministry and Leadership Department at Talbot School of Theology. He is a frequent contributor to various preaching books, magazines, and Web sites, including PreachingToday.com.