www.kregel.com | 8 | 800-733-2607 BIBLE STORIES Bible Stories and Prayer ISBN: 978-1-78128-346-2 6 x 7.5 • 560 pages • Ages 5–7 Rights: NA Candle Books July 25, 2017 ISBN 978-1-78128-346-2 9 7 8 1 7 8 1 2 8 3 4 6 2 Candle Day by Day Bible (Spiral) 978-1-78128-281-6 $16.99 Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus 978-1-78128-291-5 $9.99 RELATED TITLES Candle Day by Day Bible and Prayers Gift Set Juliet David; illustrated by Jane Heyes A beautiful and elegant gift set of two stunning books in the Candle Day by Day series. The Candle Day by Day Bible is a daily Bible with 365 stories, each with a Bible verse, Scripture reference, and additional notes or questions in a colored panel down the side of the page. Candle Day by Day Prayers is a beautiful companion to the Bible, divided into sections addressing many different occasions and situations. You will always have a prayer to fit the events of the day. An introduction explains the importance of prayer and answers questions for inquiring minds. A warm, classic art style gives this set a traditional feel. HARDBACKS IN SLIPCASE $29.99