RELATED TITLES UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-0-8254-4507-1 • $5.99 Paperback • 4.25 x 7 • 152 pages Christian Theology / Apologetics Kregel Publications • Rights: World July 25, 2017 “Jones and Woodbridge have written a simple, careful account of the new religion that is sweeping Asia, Africa, and the Americas. And they’ve provided a fair, biblical, and searching critique. I’m sad to say that this book is desperately needed; I’m thankful that it’s now available.” —Mark Dever, senior pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC Their names are well-known: Joyce Meyer, T.  D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and many more. But what are the proponents of the prosperity gospel really selling? And what is the basis for their claims to health and wealth? David Jones and Russell Woodbridge dig into the background of the prosperity gospel, carefully investigating and critiquing the movement, and exposing the sweeping theological errors that are at its foundation. In the end, their efforts point the way back from this counterfeit gospel to the true good news of Christ. David W. Jones is a professor of Christian ethics, associate dean for graduate program admission, and director of the ThM pro- gram at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Russell S. Woodbridge is a professor of theology and church his- tory currently employed in missions work in Eastern Europe. | 21 | NEW EDITIONS ISBN 978-0-8254-4507-1 9 7 8 0 8 2 5 4 4 5 0 7 1 Health, Wealth, and Happiness How the Prosperity Gospel Overshadows the Gospel of Christ Concise Arguments to Counter False Teaching Edition David W. Jones and Russell S. Woodbridge Is God Just a Human Invention? 978-0-8254-3654-3 • $16.99 •  Abbreviated edition includes all of the essential arguments •  Sound theological answers for anyone Reinventing Jesus 978-0-8254-2982-8 • $20.99