• Play-Time Bible Stories
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    ISBN: 9781859859322

    Pages: 8

    Publication date: 6-1-2013

    Format: Board book

    Imprint: Candle Books

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    Play-Time Bible Stories

    Shaped board pieces make learning fun in this colorful board book with a before-and-after approach to four best-loved stories.

    Each page has a pop-out shape with a “before” scene on top and an “after” scene underneath Lift out the circle with the bulrushes to reveal the baby Moses in his basket. With gentle illustrations and plain text, this board book introduces very small children to different shapes while they discover what happens next in each story.

    Stories included: Moses in the Bulrushes, Jonah and the Great Fish, The Lost Sheep, and The Miraculous Catch

    Unique Selling Points

    • Novelty jigsaw feature

    • Introduces Bible stories at an early age

    • Helps with shape recognition