• A Christian Survival Guide
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    ISBN: 9780825443312

    Pages: 208

    Publication date: 6-23-2014

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    A Christian Survival Guide

    A Lifeline to Faith and Growth

    What enables some to survive as Christians when so many others falter? Without resorting to empty answers, clichés, relativism, or smug certainty, A Christian Survival Guide provides an accessible and safe place to deal with issues that can give Christians sleepless nights. By focusing on spiritual practices, discussing solutions to faith struggles, and offering perspectives from multiple Christian traditions, this survival guide moves readers into a thriving relationship with God, even if that means not necessarily finding all the answers.

    A Christian Survival Guide doesn't run away from the big, tough questions of life like:

    • Does the Bible have to be “true”?
    • Where is God in an evil world?
    • Did God sanction genocide?
    • Is hell eternal conscious torment?
    • Does money keep us from following Jesus?

    Candid and wry, Cyzewski deals with the tension of hard questions without resorting to empty answers, clichés, relativism, or the smug certainty that can so often drive seekers and strugglers further away. He writes for those who both care and question deeply, and offers survival tips to help readers move from living on the edge to a place of health and life.

    This survival guide is not meant to be a "one size fits all" handbook. It is a first step to confronting the big issues and challenges of a life of faith--even the ones that Christians fear most.