• Sing, Mary!
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    ISBN: 9780825433368

    Pages: 32

    Publication date: 11-16-2004

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Kregel Children's Books

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    Sing, Mary!

    Through engaging first-person narratives and enchanting artwork, the Follow Me Books invite children to imitate the lives of well-loved Bible characters.

    Do you ever sing songs when you are really happy or very, very sad? I do. I sing songs that God puts in my heart. They tell what I am learning about Jesus, God's Son. Come listen to some of my stories and hear the songs I sing. Learn more about Jesus and then sing about Him, like I did, so that others can know Him, too.

    Carolyn Nystrom has written sixty-eight books, including the Gold Medallion winner, What Happens When We Die? During her career she has taught elementary school, worked as a staff editor, and instructed at writer's workshops. She and her husband live in St. Charles, Ill.