• The Candle Classic Bible

    The Candle Classic Bible
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    Price: $14.99

    ISBN: 9781859858677

    Edition: June 01, 2013

    Pages: 256

    Publication date: June 01, 2013

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Candle Books

    Category: Kregel Childrens Books

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    The Candle Classic Bible

    Author: Undefined

    A Bible story for every day—365 of the best-loved Bible stories fully illustrated in a classic style will become favorites for children and parents alike, with each story divided into easy-to-read sections with the day, heading, and Scripture reference. Children are encouraged to spend family time together reading a new story each day.

    Old Testament: From the Story of Creation to Isaac, from Joseph to Ruth, from Job to David, from Elisha to the Prophets.

    New Testament: From John the Baptist to the story of Jesus, to the story of the Apostles, to John’s Vision of Heaven.

    Unique Selling Points

    • Strong traditional art style

    • Ideal gift for the older child

    • Encourages Bible reading every day