• Biographical Preaching

    Biographical Preaching
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    Edition: October 02, 2001

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    Biographical Preaching

    Bringing Bible Characters to Life

    The experiences of other people are among the most powerful of all teaching tools. This is especially true of those who are part of the biblical story. Recorded and preserved by God, their stories offer timeless principles for living. Biographical preaching--preaching about biblical people with exegetical integrity--is becoming a lost art, depriving the modern pastor of its life-changing benefits.

    In this guide for pastors, Dr. Larry Overstreet offers practical advice on bringing to life the people of the Bible for the people in the pew. He presents a workable method to determine the principles that directed the life of a Bible character and shows contemporary pastors how to apply those principles effectively to the modern listener. Included are the philosophy and value of biographical preaching, the method and mechanics of biographical preaching, and a model demonstrating how to preach biographically. Each chapter features clear objectives review questions, and practical exercises for application.
    R. Larry Overstreet takes his passion for biographical preaching "on the road" through a series of dramatic monologues he presents in churches, schools, and on mission fields. A former pastor, Larry is currently a seminary professor in Washington, where he lives with Linda, his wife of 38 years.