Kregel Author Craig DeMartino Hosts New Show Fight to Survive

February 23, 2015

Craig DeMartino, author of After the Fall: A Climber's True Story of Facing Death and Finding Life, hosts the new Outdoor Channel program Fight to Survive. Premiering Saturday, October 4, 2014, the show tells the stories of adventurers who found themselves in life-and-death circumstances. The first episode will tell Craig's own story of falling over 100 feet while climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park and his subsequent recovery and life as a climber.

Craig says, "It's been such a privilege to meet so many amazing people who have lived through some really traumatic accidents and not just survived but thrived. As the host of the show, it's so great to be welcomed into their worlds and to see that we all have things in common that helped us survive. We all had something to return to; our families, faith, and hope helped us to survive what most would consider horrific circumstances."

After the Fall focuses on Craig's amazing faith journey in the aftermath of his fall, offering an engaging read and a clear message of hope.