Unlikely Converts Appears in Outreach Magazine's Outreach Resources of the Year

March 02, 2023

GRAND RAPIDS, MI-- In the latest publication of Outreach Magazine, Kregel's Unlikely Converts (Randy Newman) appeared in the Outreach Resources of the Year in the Evangelism and Discipleship category as an "Also Recommended" resource.

"More than 150 resources published between Nov. 1, 2018, and Oct. 31, 2019, were submitted for consideration and placed into 11 categories. An expert in each category evaluated the resources and chose what they considered to be the best. The experts also chose how many resources to recognize, and whether to include any as 'Also Recommended.'" --Outreach Magazine

Unlikely Converts considers several testimonies of those who "took the long way around to Christianity." Utilizing evangelical history and background, author Randy Newman reminds Christians to have confidence in the gospel message to reach people rather than relying on our own imperfect speech.

"We need this book. Not because its author is a gospel guru, but because he's so much like us: a timid evangelist. Randy Newman writes that he can't remember sharing the gospel without fear, but that hasn’t stopped his mouth or iced his heart. Few combine the heart for the lost, the patient ear, and the tongue of grace like Randy. He shows us how to let our speech always be gracious while still feeling unceasing anguish about hell-bound friends and family made in God's image. Let a brother who knows reluctance help you walk faithfully forward in yours." --David Mathis, executive editor at Desiring God, pastor of Cities Church in Minneapolis/St Paul and author of Habits of Grace

Read Outreach Magazine's article here.


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