Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Christy Heralds New Publishing Partnership

June 28, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, MI--Jerry Kregel, executive vice president of publishing, Kregel Publications, and Dan Balow, president and publisher of Gilead Publishing, announce the Fall 2017 publication of the 50th Anniversary Edition of the ten million-copy best-selling Christian novel Christy by Catherine Marshall.

The commemorative edition of this landmark publishing phenomenon will also be the inaugural release by a new cooperative venture uniting Kregel Publications and Gilead Publishing.

Gilead, a newly created publishing company dedicated to providing quality Christian fiction titles for a broad range of readers, is partnering with Kregel Publications, which will exclusively produce, promote, distribute, and sell the Gilead line.

"The agreement with Kregel allows us to focus on acquiring, developing, and publishing great novels for fiction readers both Christians and those who want something to read that gives hope and encouragement," says Balow. "We hope to be an example of how two companies can work together to accomplish something greater than either could separately."

"We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Gilead in this venture," says Kregel. "The fiction that Gilead is producing goes hand in hand with the vision that has driven our own fiction line, and will give us a greatly expanded market position in Christian fiction."

Christy by Catherine Marshall was first published in 1967 and by August 1968 had became a very early Christian entry into the rarified world of national best sellers. The 50th Anniversary Edition of this monumental title will commemorate the year that set new records for Christian publishing. Format and release details for the 50th Anniversary Edition will be announced soon.


Kregel Publications is an evangelical Christian publisher that aims to develop and distribute--with integrity and excellence--trusted, biblically based resources that lead individuals to know and serve Jesus Christ.

Gilead Publishing is a new company started in 2016 whose purpose is to publish great fiction, which inspires and encourages readers through its imprints: Gilead (core Christian fiction categories), Enclave (sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural), and Evergreen Farm (titles from Catherine and Peter Marshall, including Christy).