• Who Am I?--Bible Friends

    Who Am I?--Bible Friends
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    Price: $9.99

    ISBN: 9781859858967

    Edition: January 01, 2012

    Pages: 10

    Publication date: January 01, 2012

    Format: Board book

    Imprint: Candle Books

    Category: Kregel Childrens Books

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    Who Am I?--Bible Friends

    Designed for young children, each spread features basic but appealing illustrations that depict key stories from the Bible with a large and easy-to-lift flap to peek under to reveal the person that relates to each story.

    This captivating peek-a-boo style fosters the association of Bible characters with their stories--lift the flap with the lions and discover Daniel--lift the flap with the sheep to find the shepherd boy--and engages very small children as they are just beginning to discover God's world around them.

    Author: Karen Williamson
    Karen Williamson worked as a London primary school teacher and publisher's editor before launching a successful career as a full-time writer. With three children of her own, she specializes in Bible stories for young readers.