• Jonah's Incredible Journey

    Jonah's Incredible Journey
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    Price: $9.99

    ISBN: 9780745962191

    Edition: September 01, 2012

    Pages: 10

    Publication date: September 01, 2012

    Format: Board book

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

    Category: Kregel Childrens Books

    Series: Finger-trail Tails

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    Jonah's Incredible Journey

    This jolly, interactive board book features indented patterns and trails on every page for children to follow with their finger as they read the story. Children can trace Jonah's hurried footprints as he runs away, the tossing of the boat over the bumpy waves, the whale's big gulp as he swallows Jonah, Jonah's big exit afterwards, and finally his footsteps as he completes his journey toward Nineveh.

    By enabling children to interact with the story in a tactile way, the storyline becomes more concrete and engaging, and adds a fun touch to story time for early learners.

    Elena Pasquali was brought up in South Wales and studied Romance languages at university. She worked for some years in children's publishing before going on to be an author in her own right. She has a special interest in researching and retelling folk tales from around the world. She enjoys exploring new cultures, traveling, and learning the languages that will help her on her way.