Would You Like to Know? Collection

February 28, 2017

Boo's Mum
"Overall, I am impressed with the quality of these little books and I recommend them wholeheartedly. They would make nice Easter basket gifts."

Wall-to-Wall Books
"They are small enough for little hands. The pictures are simple, cute, and brightly colored. I really don't see how these could be any better."

Hanna Lei
"This set of books is adorable. Would be fantastic in a Sunday School."

"Each book offers simple, straightforward answers and explanations to the fundamentals of being a Christian."

"Superb text. Great pictures. Wonderful collection. I highly recommend."

Michelle F.
"These would make great gifts as a collection or individually as there is a place to put a child's name at the beginning of each book."

"This is a cute little set of books."

Maureen Timerman
"A must for each parent and grandparent to share their faith with those that are important to them."

"Would be perfect in a Sunday school classroom."

"This would be a good set to have around your house or church library."

Blooming with Books
"This would also be a great family devotional option."

"[These books] include: applications for a child's life, quality images, sturdy, durable while beautiful books/box, and presented in a way that will aid comprehension of these truths."

"Even though the books are very concise, they cover each topic thoroughly. If you ever want to know how to explain the whys, hows and whats of life, this resource is highly recommended."

Kristin Plausky
"This is a great boxed set of short stories for pre-school kids."

Jessica Lippe
"These truths apply to anyone of any age. I especially like how they're compact and can easily be carried around in their little box set."

Rani Grant
"The illustrations were eye catching and the text was perfect for young children."

"I appreciated that they are just the right length to enjoy and not lose interest in."

"Would make a wonderful addition to any child's library."

"It is hard to express how impressed I was with how the authors very simply and clearly stated the most important truths. I found the books to be exceptional in every way. These would make a great gift."

Jalynn Patterson
"These are the perfect little books for tiny hands.These would make a really good baby shower gift. It is a great collection that covers a great deal of material."

Tami Qualls
"They are perfect for my four-year-old."