Winning Miss Winthrop

March 27, 2018

"A must-read for those who like to read historical fiction."

Anne Payne
"Miller is a gifted writer who knows the Regency period. "

Megan Scott
"What a beautifully written story! If you like Jane Austen's "Persuasion," you will love "Winning Miss Winthrop!""

Michelle F.
"I recommend this book to fans of historical romance."

Carrie Schmidt
"A deliciously written novel that brims with wit and swoony moments."

"4 Stars."

Carol R. Gehringer
"Excellent characterization, and clean romance. Fans of Julie Klassen, Jane Austen, Sarah Ladd, and Regency romances will enjoy this new series."

Crystal Smith
"I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series!"

Deana Dick
"An enchanting story. The richness of the Regency period is undeniable in this beautifully written book."

Suzie Waltner
"My Rating: 5 Stars. I saw echoes of Jane Austen in Winning Miss Winthrop...yet Miller's story is original and engaging."

"I loved this story and couldn't put it down."

"[A] page-turning read."

Kate Mead
"Both characters were entertaining and pleasing and the story wove their stories together nicely. A lighthearted, enjoyable read."

Sherri Smith
"It brought tears to my eyes, a smile to my lips and laughter. I definitely recommend this book."

Kellyn Roth
"I enjoyed it so very much!"

Michelle Kidwell
"Five out of five stars!"

Dana McCall
"This is a sweet and clean romance. I have become a huge fan of Miller's. This was another winner!"

Alissa Wied
"I was thoroughly engaged in the book and quite excited [for] the next book in the series!"

Rachelle Sperling
"I loved the fact that each character was real and multi-faceted."

Phyllis Helton
"4 Stars"

"Normally I don't read books set in the England of the 1800's. If I do read them, I don't enjoy them. Winning Miss Winthrop was an exception in that I read it and I enjoyed it."

"Full of the captivating Regency world, with the bonus of a masquerade ball (!!!), this book sure kept me interested.

Romances of the Cross
"Recommended for all fans of the Regency Fiction and Inspirational Romance genre."

Joan Nienuis
"4/5 stars."

"A perfect read for my Spring Break. It was light, romantic, and had strong Austen vibes. Highly entertaining."

"One of the best books I've read so far this year! I was completely enthralled with this novel. 5 stars."

"This novel didn't disappoint."

Amanda T
"Intriguing to read. 4 stars."

"Every bit as delightful and entertaining as the other Regency novels I have read by Carolyn Miller."

"I found the descriptive writing, combined with the authors well-developed characters to be a winning combination. I think readers of all genres will find something to like about this book."

"A wonderful book. This is a nice clean romance! Very well done!"

Melissa Finnegan
"I highly recommend this one."

Beth Erin
"Winning Miss Winthrop raises the bar for Regency romance with depth and intrigue to spare and I highly recommend it!

Blooming with Books
"5 Stars."