When I Pray What Does God Do?

August 31, 2015

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader "I recommend this book to those who are particularly interested in science and prayer."

Edge Induced Cohesion "As a man with feet clearly on both sides of the science and religion debate of contemporary society, Dr. Wilkinson is well-equipped to speak about the subject of prayer and also provide a correction to the obsolete scientific worldview many theologians labor under."

Just a Girl and Her Bible "The author has a relatively easy, scientific form of writing that I found to be enjoyable."

Indoor Garden Musings "I recommend that people read it to see what they think."

Gazoontite "If you’re up to the task of a book that will pin you down and beg you to think through some concepts, then this book is for you."

Parker's Reviews "While encouraged by Wilkinson's effort to bring together prayer and science in a book, and by many of his thoughts, I was left feeling that the book was sub-par in talking about science and prayer in an edifying way."

Thomas R Feller, Jr. " To put it quite bluntly, I found the book became depressing and downright boring."

WV Stitcher "Overall the personal stories and antidotes balance out the drier aspects, and really had me thinking about what I really know about prayer."

hannamarielei "There are tips for things like when your prayers go unanswered that offer a variety of explanations that actually make sense. "