Unlikely Rebel

October 19, 2015

Edge Induced Cohesion "This book is written by women, about a woman, largely for women."

A Girl and Her Bible "Overall, it was an interesting book to see the pressures that the wife of a pastor from a very large evangelical church can be under."

Hub Pages "Overall I enjoyed reading this book."

Mrs. C's Book Reviews "This book is funny, heart wrenching, beautiful, and painful. As she shares herself, you will see yourself."

A Book A Day "If you are looking for a book to help free you from the cycle of biting off more than you can chew, check this one out."

Perfect Chaos "This is a good book."

Indoor Garden Musings " I enjoyed it and I hope you do too. You might learn something about yourself you didn’t know."

Tell Me a Story, Raggedy Man " This book does an excellent job of considering the personal consequences of busyness on the Christian life and I would highly recommend it. "