Underestimating Miss Cecilia

July 29, 2019

"The author's writing, as always, is melodic and fluid; the plot is well-crafted and easy to follow; the characters are multi-dimensional and endearing in their flawed beauty; the dialogue is witty and fun; the spiritual truths offered are enlightening; and the story in entirety is enchanting and captivating."

Penless Review
"5 stars."

Megan Scott
"Great characters and a lot of fun history!"

Nicole Santana
"It's sweeping, it's heartbreaking, it's frustrating, it's sweetly romantic, and it's filled with timely lessons...an exquisite read!

Sarah Cooper
"Carolyn Miller has done it again. She incorporates the right amount of faith and romance."

"Interesting and fun to read."

Susan Snodgrass
"She [Miller] does do a good Regency! 4 stars."

Brittany Searfoss
"I have read all of Carolyn's books so far, but this book absolutely wrecked me emotionally, more than any of her others. I can honestly say that Carolyn Miller is one of the best Regency writers out there."

"I love how deft Carolyn Miller is at taking a secondary character that you never thought you could like and turning them into someone you are cheering for."

Diane Estrella
"Wonderful as always."

"Her story telling with romance is amazing!"

Ann Hibbard
"...once again, Carolyn Miller artfully weaves the story to keep the reader engaged and interested."

Romances of the Cross
"Another great Regency from Carolyn Miller."

Abigail Harder
"I really loved the themes of forgiveness and regeneration that were woven throughout this book."

"Lovely new book for those who LOVE gentle reads."

Christian Chick's Thoughts
"It was so good!!! One of my favorite aspects of Miller's writing (besides the great romance) is the way she weaves realistic faith journeys throughout the character arcs."

Megan Scott
"This book has great characters and a lot of fun history!"

"5 stars. Wonderful Romance With a Great Message!"

Boos Mom
"Every book I have read I have been immersed in the setting and the past culture's problems. 5 stars."

Carol R. Gehringer
"Miller is a skilled storyteller...Recommended for high school and public libraries."

"It had so much in it -- faith (huge part of the book!), love, mystery, redemption, forgiveness, and even a few comical parts. I could read this story over and over."

"An enjoyable read and a good addition to this series."

"Carolyn Miller has a sharp mind for research and to bring out exquisite settings in a story! Truly a satisfying read!"

Billy Burgess
"The dialogue is written with intelligence and grace."

Sydney Anderson
"A sweet boy next door romance!"

"The whole faith aspect was terrific, and I loved the message."

"It was fun and had exciting twists. feel like this author writes with purpose, and I look forward to picking up Misleading Miss Verity when it releases!"