Thick as Thieves Blog Tour

April 23, 2015

What our bloggers had to say:

Books, Reviews, Etc.
"The author wrote a book full of adventure and has some lessons to be learned. One lesson was, don't judge a person by appearances."

Maureen's Musings
"Enjoy this action packed quick read, you will not regret it, it become a real page-turner. "

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader
"There is a definite encouragement in the novel to deal kindly with those who have a difficult home life, or almost none at all."

Live to Read to Live
"I just cannot say enough good things about this author and her books."

Seeking with all Yur Heart
"Please consider getting the novel and the prior series, both for your own personal library along with donating a set to the local library or school library."

Dots and Daisies
"Oh how I loved to read books about horses when I was a young girl and this book brought me right back. "

"Written mainly for young girls who love horses, the story shows how to handle bullying, stand up for oneself, and learn to accept others with different backgrounds and personalities by relying on God’s help."

Books for Christian Girls
"I wasn’t aware that this was a sequel series but I was able to follow along well ..."

Kissed by Literature
"I love historical fiction and this worked into my appetite perfectly."

Reviews from the Heart
"If you have a young adult who loves horse adventures, trust me, pick up this entire series."

Books, Beautiful Books
"Unusually for Christian works of fiction, her books are also quite exciting. These books make splendid read-aloud as well as personal reading books."

Joy of Writing
"I would gladly recommend Thick as Thieves to a wide variety of ages! "

Blooming with Books
"Tweens and teens will enjoy this book especially if they have a fondness for horses."

3 Partners in Shopping
" This is a really nice story about a young woman who learns that things are not always like you think they are."

Growing for Christ
"This is a fantastic addition and allows our daughters (and even sons) to follow Andrea from child hood to young woman-hood and only in a way that Susan Marlow could do!"

Vic's Media Room
"I think Susan K. Marlow is an extremely talented writer who really knows how to tell a story that will grab you and keep you flipping pages."

WV Stitcher
"Truly a coming of age story that provides many valuable life lessons interwoven with plenty of adventure as well."

"I love that there is a strong female lead, and a friendship as the main part of the book instead of the normal romance. As a young adult novel I think this is one of my favorites."

A Book A Day
"Marlow demonstrates the closeness that the Carter family shares, but also shows how even close families can be affected by stress and difficult times."