The Power of Presence

August 08, 2016

Faith and Family Reviews
"This is a powerful read. This is something that will keep you thinking long after you have read through the pages of the text. Anderson’s words and experience are challenging to the mind and spirit. This is something you will want to read and ponder."

Tea Norman
"This is the type of book which one wants to reread again and again as new changes enter our lives."

Michelle F.
"I found this book to be very encouraging and would suggest it another believer, a seeker, or anyone who is a caretaker. Loved it."

Dr. Conrade Yap
"The best take-away from this book is this: With the presence of God, we are never lonely. Rating: 4.25 stars of 5."

Katherine Scott Jones
"Reading this book often felt like sitting in the company of a trusted mentor or grandparent. The Power of Presence is a lovely love letter from a man to his wife, and to His God, brimming with profound insights and life-changing truths."

"I appreciate Anderson's story...the real story with the good and bad. He is an example to the rest of us."

"I would recommend The Power of Presence to those who feel a desire to grow closer to God."

"This story is encouraging & powerfully convicting because we all experience loneliness, doubt, confusion, and trials. But God keeps His promise that He will not forsake us & His faithfulness was made clear to the Anderson’s & it can be to you as well."

Josh Morgan
"This is a book I will keep on hand. I expect I will return to it time and again on my journey of learning to live the “with God” life."

Joan Nienhuis
"Anderson writes from his many decades of experience, sharing many insights from his time in ministry. Care givers will find much encouragement in this book."

"Rating: 5 stars for excellent. The book length is short. The chapters are brief. During a time of care-giving, the caregiver is absorbed with the tasks at hand, and they are overwhelmed much of the time. To have a book that is direct and will minister to them with tenderness helps."