The Peaceful Wife

February 10, 2016

A Simple Life, Really?!
"The Peaceful Wife is a great book to find out how to start a journey...on your own with God steering the ship!"

In the Pages
"I would highly recommend this book. This was an informative read that I would suggest for others to read as well!"

Morning Glories and Moonflowers
"I recommend that every woman, married or single, read this book. It's an easy to read book with ideas on how to honor your husband that will only make your marriage better. Get your hands on this book!"

Edge Induced Cohesion
"This is a book that I wholeheartedly recommend for women."

A Girl and Her Bible
"April Cassidy writes in such a gentle voice and personable way, it is like talking to a good friend instead of reading a book.Any woman who is married or in a relationship should read this book."

Amanda's Pile of Books
"I liked that April backed up what she had to say with a good amount of Scripture."

"I enjoyed this book - it helped me not only see the importance of wives respecting their husbands but the need for it!"

Lane Hill House
"I liked how April shows both sides ~ love for the wife and respect for the husband, in the Lord's design."

Tea Time with Annie Kate
"What is refreshingly different about The Peaceful Wife is how April links being a peaceful wife to understanding the whole Bible, not just the marriage parts."

Godly Book Reviews
"All in all the book is good, I found it repetitive at times, but it does give some good examples on how to get a shaky marriage back on track."

Bonny's Oyster Bed7
"One of the strengths of this book is her lists of ideas. She gives the reader many behavior modification suggestions throughout the book."

Reader's Cozy Corner
"I highly recommend this book to all women who are married, engaged or are thinking of getting married."

IE Mommy
"This book was a great reminder that it’s all in God’s hands and not our own. If we want to be blessed in our marriages, the change has to begin within each one of us."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I highly recommend this book. All wives and wives to be should read this book."

Books, Beautiful Books
"The Peaceful Wife was another refreshing yet convicting book on the topic! One of the best aspects of this book is that the author herself is an independent, strong, feisty woman who shares her stories and the lessons she has learned with the reader!"

tiny paragraphs
"Thanks, April, for encouraging wives to find the peace that comes from doing marriage God’s way–by respecting our husbands rather than trying to control them."

This Mom's Delight
"I encourage all wives, new and experienced alike, to read the book. It'll show you the peaceful, yet worthwhile, way to a great marriage."

Hanna Lei
"The Peaceful a wonderful look into what YOU can do better. If you like Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage you'll love The Peaceful Wife."

Julie Sanders
"If you're a wife searching for more peace in marriage or if you have a passive husband who won’t lead, April’s book may be a source of help for you."